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Embruon, LLC. was founded in 2014 to help seed stock producers navigate the ever changing and constantly evolving world of genomics.  For bovine producers to compete in the broader protein market it is imperative to make informed and accurate decisions as early as possible.  

Utilizing our process a producer can attain every single genomic attribute about an animal at the embryonic level.  By making decisions essentially at -9 months producers can maximize the opportunity cost associated with their recipient herd and have confidence that every embryo transferred will best suit there production goals once born.  In this manner producers save literally thousands of dollars and years worth of time. 

At Embruon, LLC. we take a very "embryo centric" approach in everything we do.  What that means is we cater our process of embryo biopsy and recovery to match when it is best suited for individual embryos, not groups of embryos.  It is our earnest desire to treat all embryos with the utmost care while in our lab. 


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Matt Barten

Matt has multiple degrees ranging from animal science to medical diagnostic imaging.  Upon completion of his medical ultrasound training in 2002 he pursued work performing large animal sonography and fetal sexing for veterinarians in a multi state area, something he still does on a limited basis today.  This lead to the formation of Bluestem Embryo Transfer Center (BETC) in 2007, a company started with his brother Casey Barten DVM. 

Seeing a quickly evolving opportunity in the realm of genomics Matt exited BETC in 2014 and formed Embruon, LLC.  At that time the services offered were very limited but have continued to grow as advances in genomic technology are made available.