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Of the many individuals whom I have taught to biopsy bovine embryos, Matt Barten stands out as exceptionally serious and focused.
— John F. Hasler, PhD

With the significant differences we see in
full sibs from trait to trait, I feel that the
genomic scores are invaluable tools to sort for
genetic improvement.  Changing genetic
interval is crucial for beef production to
compete for the protein markets.
— Harold Miller, Owner 7 Triangle 7 Cattle Co.

Matt Barten, a God-fearing man who loves his family and serves his Lord with the talents He has given him, has taken embryo biopsies with the utilization of genetic EPD’s to a new level. His passion for this “cutting edge” technology will one day bring it to the forefront of the cattle industry.
— Jane H. Pryor, Senior Embryologist, Ovagenix

I am convinced that Matt’s meticulous attention to detail will lead to nothing but resounding success. The combination of an excellent lab environment coupled with Matt’s work ethic will lead to great embryo development and success rates.
— Klaus Wiemer PhD, Poma Fertility