Genomic Selection at Negative 9 Months


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Embruon, LLC. provides commercial bovine embryo biopsy services for clients anywhere in the United States.  By discerning the gender, recessive status, or full genomic profile of an embryo before the pregnancy is established in a recipient animal, producers are able to save thousands of dollars in resources and actually accelerate the genetic gain within their program. 

We have developed a system for shipping fresh embryos, very much the same as utilized in the IVF industry, to our lab for biopsy that can then be frozen, or in some cases shipped back to you fresh with results.  These results can be catered to an individual producers needs, giving you the option of choosing limited information to a full genomic profile. 

We would be happy to discuss the cost saving benefits our company can provide for your operation.  We can design our value proposition to fit a producers specific program, giving you peace of mind that dollars spent will equal multiply dollars saved.  Please feel free to contact us for more information.




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Embryo genotyping enables our members
to identify superior genetics earlier than
previously possible, providing opportunities
to increase rate of genetic improvement.
AGI is pleased to work with Embruon and
GeneSeek to deliver this technology to
Angus breeders.
— Dan Moser President, Angus Genetics Inc.


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