More Aggressively Realize Your Genetic Goals

Areas of Practice

Utilization of any of these areas of practice affords producers the ability to save many thousands of dollars on recipients and more aggressively realize their genetic goals.


Gender identification

One of the most common things we test for is gender of an embryo.  We are one of the few companies offering this service with results "same day" allowing producers to transfer embryos fresh.  I can go more in depth if needed. 

Fresh vs. Frozen transfer

While trying to best suit the needs of our clients we offer producers pricing options for "fresh" and "frozen" selection of embryos.  Please inquire for details. 

Recessive Identification

Biopsied samples can be tested for most recessive traits.  This allows producers to continue to utilize popular genetics within their ET/IVF program.

Full Genomic Profile

Utilizing the full power of todays Genomically Enhanced EPD's (GE-EPD's) allows producers to make informed selection decisions earlier than ever before.